Issue Feature Detail
DESIGN Concept Although the parks are a mix of new manufactured homes and existing homes that have been successfully moved and installed, every attempt is made to reduce the operating costs and to make the development as off-grid and self-sufficent as possible. "Green" technologies are in constant development and costs are being reduced in many areas, such as batteries. 
WATER Irrigation A french drain system is installed around all foundation walls
  Rainwater harvesting All homes include a rainwater collection system to an internal cistern, primarily for irrigation. REF: CMHC’s Collecting and Using Rainwater At Home, A Guide for Homeowners
  Recycling Greywater is filtered and recycled for non drinking uses.
  Plumbing Low flow toilets.  Advanced plumbing with timed recirculation of hot water. On demand instant water heaters.
SEWAGE Constructed Wetlands

All homes are connected to a wetland wastewater treatment system that treats all the sewage water.

ENERGY Solar Solarwyse Solar Power Systems for off-grid power. (
  Wind Consideration given to community wind turbines if visibility is acceptable.
HEATING/COOLING Geothermal Heat Pumps Sometimes referred to as GeoExchange, earth-coupled, ground-source, or water-source heat pumps.
LANDSCAPING   Planting of native plants and species which are drought tolerant.
MATERIALS Durisol block foundations R20 basement walls were made with Durisol blocks. Fireproof. Moisture Resistant. Impact Resistant. Termite proof. Breathable. Inhibits mold. Energy efficient. Sturdy.