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image1Our goal is to represent the interests of the owners of manufactured homes across the country, be they on private lands or First Nation's land, as many of them are in the province of BC. We are an advocacy group striving to make fundamental changes to the way manufactured homes are dealt with and to see our members treated fairly when their parks are slated for redevelopment. Existing legislation is woefully inadequate and results in conflict and huge financial losses.

There are many issues facing us, from public acceptance of manufactured homes, to the rights of home owners when parks are slated for redevelopment. We want to involve everyone in the process, from manufacturers to park owners to home owners, to provide a forum for an exchange of ideas on the issues and challenges facing this important segment of the housing market. 


How important is manufactured housing?

It comes as a surprise to most people that recent statistics show that the value of manufactured home building production in Canada was 1.6 billion dollars in 2014. Factory-built single-family homes accounted for some 15% of all single-family homes started in Canada in 2014.


Source: The Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute's Manufactured Building Survey

Image3Time for Change - Our Vision

The governing legislation and procedures for manufactured homes are decades old. Manufactured homes are quite obviously no longer mobile in any sense of the word. It's time for all the parties to come to the table to treat manufactured homes as what they are - just another way to build homes.

What is a Community Land Trust?

A community land trust is an organization that acquires land and holds it indefinitely for the benefit of the community. This indefinite hold stabilizes the price of land by removing speculative pressure. The trust then signs long-term leases with people, businesses, and groups, who use the land for their own needs. A land trust acquires and holds land by: • soliciting for land donations, • trading charitable tax receipts, and, • purchasing land with cash.

Community land trusts promote affordable housing initiatives by building or renovating housing on its land. The land trust divides home ownership into two components: • the housing unit, which is sold or rented to low-income families, and, • the land, for which the household signs a long-term lease and can choose later to bequeath to their children or sell at a price controlled by the trust.

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