We’re back!

Welcome back colleagues and friends! It’s been a few years. Much has changed, none of it for the better, so we are once again trying to band together to bring a stronger voice to matters in the industry. Many long term residents still face the inevitable possibility of evictions with little or no compensation for the loss of their largest assets, their home. Ever increasing land values continue to put pressure on redeveloping the lands now occupied by home parks into more upscale developments. Hiawatha MHP in Kelowna is a good example. The City of Kelowna has pushed for some form of relocation or compensation for residents as part of their approval for Westcorp to redevelop the land. Westcorp has been a very responsible landlord, compensating those who chose to leave the park and allowing others to stay on longer; however, a new mold issue has now rendered many of the remaining homes as unfit so the tenants must leave much sooner than planned. The problem is that with a .5% vacancy rate in the Kelowna area there is nowhere for them to go. Many long term residents are likely going to face leaving the area because, although the low vacancy rate is an issue,¬†even more pressing is that the residents can’t afford to live in Kelowna.