Originally formed in 2007 as the Okanagan Manufactured Home Owners Association and based in what was then called Westbank, now West Kelowna, the seed of the organization was what was happening to the residents of Peddar Bay after being served eviction notices. Many of the residents were seniors who had lived there for decades and invested heavily in their homes and improvements after being assured by park management that the park would "never close". They were all thrown to the curb like trash. They lost everything with no compensation. It was a blight on life in "Beautiful BC" and, in particular, the provincial government, who stood by and did nothing. 

We were primarily a "grassroots" organization formed to represent the interests of the thousands of people who live in manufactured homes throughout the Okanagan. Manufactured homes parks have a long history in this area, and they have always represented a very realistic affordable housing alternative. There has always been a "stigma" attached to these types of homes, previously referred to as "mobile homes", even though today's manufactured homes are built to a higher standard than most stick built homes. With forecasts that soon one in four new homes will be a manufactured home in the US, it is somewhat curious that they represent such a small percentage of housing in Canada. In the Okanagan the skyrocketing price of land, particularly anything on the water, and the pace of development has put pressure on existing home park owners to develop their land. Unfortunately current laws do not afford existing owners of manufactured homes any protection of their investment. Whether on First Nation's land or non native land, the law only calls for an inadequate notice period and minimal "moving" expenses, often as little as $2,000, when the actual costs are upwards of $10,000. This is of little comfort when you have just lost your life savings. We cannot change the value of the land. We cannot expect to stop redevelopment of existing parks. Our primary goal is to be treated fairly when development occurs. This can involve everything from providing assistance with relocating our homes, to paying fair market value if the home cannot be moved. As a strong voice we will lobby governments at every level to change the legislation to require developers to treat us fairly.

Our Mission Statement

To get local government, both local municipal governments and First Nations, and provincial governments to amend existing laws to include provisions for relocation of existing homes, and to offer "fair market value" when this is not possible, as a condition of land for the development of new manufactured home parks to accommodate the relocation of existing homes.  To educate the public and the media that our homes are no longer called "mobile homes", in recognition of the fact they are not mobile in any way. The correct term is "manufactured home". To quote the Manufactured Homes Registry in BC, "The name of the act and consequently the name of the registry were changed September 1, 1990, by replacing the word Mobile with Manufactured to better describe the type of housing currently governed by the legislation."

President's Message (Please click here)

After doing a lot more research on what was happening in other provinces it became clear that there was a need for a strong national organization to tackle issues that were strikingly similar in all areas of the country. With very rare exceptions the owners of manufactured homes were never treated properly when development was to occur. We knew that this just had to change so the original OMHOA became the CMHOA to expand our mandate to include all manufactured home owners everywhere in the country.


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